Ice cream for you

Best ice cream for everyone

All gastronomic establishments know very well that they have to offer the right types of desserts to the customer after a good meal.  One of the most sought after desserts is undoubtedly ice cream whether it is draft served in scoops topped with syrups or various kinds of topings decorated with biscuits wafers chocolate shavings or nuts.
Refreshing for summer days

We are engaged in the production and sale of quality ice cream and ice cream mixtures restaurants and patisseries.  Ice cream vendors will surely welcome our frozen blends of many flavors with the undeniable advantage of saving time as they do not have to mix.  New to this year are powdered ice cream blends for customers who prefer the traditional way of making ice cream.
Another assortment

You can find here also cornets bowls cups tubes wafers pastes and topings for decoration as well as freezers stands cutting tongs and much more.

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